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Call to Action – Pregnancy Warning Labels on Alcohol

Young women pregnant women or those planning a pregnancy need your help – now! On the 24 November the Australian and New Zealand Ministers with responsibility for food regulation, known as the Forum on Food Regulation (the Forum), will be considering alcohol pregnancy warning labels. These are the ‘sometimes’ labels you may or may not have seen on alcohol bottles. The discreet warning labels, already appearing on bottles and cans, read, “Kids and alcohol don’t mix”, Is your drinking harming yourself or others?” and “It is safest not to drink while pregnant”.               PHAIWA

It’s Melbourne Cup Day – So Don’t get Carried Away!

It’s the race that stops the Nation. Melbourne Cup is deeply entrenched in Australian culture. It’s a day where many Australians will have place a small bet or buy a sweepstake ticket. In fact, Australians are expected to spend more than $300 million betting on the Melbourne Cup this year. Research has identified that gambling is widespread in the Australian population with 70% of Australians report participating in some form of gambling annually, from the one-off punt on the Melbourne Cup to the habitual problem gambler at the local TAB. As for the workplace Melbourne Cup party that many of

How to have a healthier Halloween

Halloween is here, which to most people means dressing up in scary costumes, buying lollies and snack-size chocolate, decorating your veranda with fake cobwebs and jack-o’-lanterns to scare trick-or-treaters! It is only once a year but Halloween is a time of indulgence … sugar indulgence that is! It is difficult to estimate how much sugar children consume at Halloween, but a 2016 UK study found that the average child consumes 13,346kJ during Halloween. That’s almost 50000 kJ more that the daily kJ recommendation for an adult, let alone a small child. An American study found similar results and estimated that

NEW RELEASE: Unhealthy links to Australia’s top food companies

Today PHAIWA has released research that analysed the top 10 food companies in the Australian market by revenue to identify brand ownership. We mapped each of the 10 to clearly define the link between company and brand and developed a food web/map. The completed map indicates the diverse influence each company has on the Australian market, with a number of companies producing a significant proportion of brands for a given food. This influence on the market also allows extensive CSR opportunities, with different brands within the same company being able to target different groups. As a number of these companies

Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2017

By Melissa Stoneham I attended the Global Alcohol Policy Conference (GAPC) 2017 in Melbourne during the first week of October. Organised by FARE, the PHAA and the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance, this conference  showcased the latest research and developments from Australia and beyond in the field of alcohol policy. The Conference started with addresses from the Hon Dr David Gillespie MP, Professor Sally Casswell of the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance and Dag Rekve of the World Health Organisation, who highlighted that Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is now recognised as an alcohol-attributable disease in the WHO global burden of disease figures.

PHAIWA poster awarded 2nd place in Innovation & Research Week

As part of Curtin University’s Research and Innovation week, held 15 to 22 September 2017, PHAIWA was invited to submit a research poster in the Public and Population Health category.  We were excited to win second place!  Authors: Dr Melissa Stoneham, Dr Jelena Maticevic, Sunni Wilson

Melissa Stoneham’s latest blog

In her latest blog Dr Melissa Stoneham explores an article published in The Medical Journal of Australia about increasing cycling crash statistics and potential solutions required to reduce these alarming rates. Read the blog here: Cycling Safety-the wheels of the debate go round and round!    

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