2023 PHAIWA e-Mentoring Program


This online e-mentoring program aims to build the capacity of participants through skill-based activities and engaging in a mentoring relationship with an experienced public health advocate.

The program is available to anyone working in public health, health promotion, health research or allied health. We also welcome applications from emerging leaders outside the health sector, if their work has some interest in health and wellbeing. You don’t have to be in Perth to access the program as majority of communication and support is done electronically.

We strongly encourage expressions of interest from:

  • Indigenous people;
  • People working with vulnerable populations and groups; and
  •  Those working in rural and remote areas.

Expected outcomes of engaging in the program:

  • Increase knowledge and skills in public health advocacy.
  • Increased confidence and experience undertaking public health advocacy.
  • Build relationships and networks with other public health professionals.


“I definitely feel like I’ve got a much better understanding of what advocacy actually is and what is encompassed by that. I think I was almost scared of the word because I didn’t really know, even though I was doing it already, I feel like my understanding and idea of advocacy has really improved. Being in health promotion I had an idea of what I thought my skills were but being given the opportunity to apply them has really helped and enabled me to refine the skills and be able to do things I wouldn’t have done otherwise”.