Public Health Planning Advisory Service

Project Overview

The Public Health Act 2016 is a primary piece of legislation for local governments and requires them to be responsible for a range of obligations and general public health duties in their local community.  The transition of the Public Health Act 2016 was a five stage process, with Public Health Plans being captured in stage five, the most significant stage for local governments.  PHAIWA has long been instrumental in engaging with local government for a variety of reasons, Public Health Planning being one of those.

PHAIWA identified that only 18 of the 138 local governments in WA have completed and adopted a Public Health Plan and recognise that local government are vital to the success of many broader strategies such as the Healthway Strategic Plan and the Health Promotion Strategic Framework.  As a result PHAIWA will provide support local governments on a broad basis in their policy development through the Public Health Planning process.  This will be achieved by providing a Public Health Advisory Service that will comprise of advice, support, stakeholder connections and partnerships, mentoring, workshops and in-depth support for a limited number of local governments.

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This project is funded by Healthway.