Public Health Planning Advisory Service

Project Overview

The Public Health Act 2016 is a primary piece of legislation for local governments and requires them to be responsible for a range of obligations and general public health duties in their local community.  The transition of the Public Health Act 2016 was a five stage process, with Public Health Plans being captured in stage five, the most significant stage for local governments.  PHAIWA has long been instrumental in engaging with local government for a variety of reasons, Public Health Planning being one of those.

PHAIWA identified that very few local governments in WA have completed and adopted a Public Health Plan and recognise that local government are vital to the success of many broader strategies such as the Healthway Strategic Plan, Sustainable Health Review and the Health Promotion Strategic Framework.  As a result PHAIWA will provide support for local governments in their policy development and  internal engagement through the Public Health Planning process.  This will be achieved by providing a Public Health Advisory Service that will comprise of advice, support, stakeholder connections and partnerships, mentoring and workshops that focus on the regional local governments.

PHAIWA also has a Public Health Planning Guide which can be downloaded here.


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This project is funded by Healthway.