Outdoor Alcohol Advertising in Australia

PHAIWA’s Alcohol Programs Team and the Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education have released a brief report summarising current restrictions on outdoor alcohol advertising across the Australian states and territories.

FARE and our team inquired with relevant ministerial offices, government departments, and non-government organisations in every jurisdiction to better understand what action has been taken. We found that most jurisdictions have introduced some controls on outdoor alcohol advertising, and that these have been largely administered through government policies applied through contract variations. These findings are being sent to relevant Ministers in each jurisdiction.

The report concluded, “We need our governments to step up and put people before profits. Despite fierce opposition from the alcohol and advertising industries, states and territories have taken action and it’s time for the Australian Government to stop the current system of industry self-regulation, and work with the states and territories to introduce legislation removing alcohol advertising from all places where children and young people are exposed.”

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