Media Coverage on Unhealthy Sponsorship in the AFL

PHAIWA has compiled the findings of our latest research analysing the presence of unhealthy sponsorship on AFL websites and player uniforms. The article was published on the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. Read here.

See below for the media coverage on this research.

Vision Radio Sat 1 Sep (Podcast – Ainslie comes on at the 53 min mark)

Not-for-profit supermarket slashes grocery costs in the Pilbara via @ABCaustralia

New book by @SimonChapman6 is absolutely essential reading for anyone working on tobacco control (or public health in general). Our focus on individual interventions has been a massive distraction from tackling the real issue - the tobacco industry

Congratulations @anzjph because the 2022 Journal Citation Reports were released overnight and the @_PHAA_ journal’s Impact Factor is 3.755 – this is an increase on 2.939 for 2020! @JohnBLowe1 @terryslevin @tarunw @DrMelStoneham @SummerMayFinlay @MelissaSweetDr @ChristinaPolla8

Australia ‘ill-prepared’ for food insecurity driven by war and climate crisis, former defence leaders say

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