Media Coverage on Unhealthy Sponsorship in the AFL

PHAIWA has compiled the findings of our latest research analysing the presence of unhealthy sponsorship on AFL websites and player uniforms. The article was published on the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. Read here.

See below for the media coverage on this research.

Vision Radio Sat 1 Sep (Podcast – Ainslie comes on at the 53 min mark)

@DrMelStoneham from @PHAIWA showcases The West Australian Indigenous Storybook project, created to balance negative stories and stereotyping of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the mainstream media.

What do you all think of this design? We have tried to integrate @Rotary’s #endtrachoma2020 dots with our dot design. Thanks @Rotary & @LTrinnie for your amazing support @PHAIWA @CurtinMedia @DrMelStoneham @scottmack80 @Jo_AnneMorgan @END_RHD @NACCHOAustralia @MelissaSweetDr

#MediaWatch2Day The recently launched RHD Endgame Strategy states RHD could be eradicated by improving living conditions, access to essential hygiene and providing community-based support. @EndingTrachoma @END_RHD @RHDAustralia @telethonkids

Great effort by all involved to develop this fun video with important health messages about personal hygiene that will help with #endingtrachoma in remote communities and preventing other infectious diseases. @PHAIWA @NACCHOAustralia @IndigenousPHAA

It is World Environmental Health Day. The theme this year is 'Climate change challenges, time for global Environmental Health to act in unison'. Share what you are doing to address this theme! @PHAIWA @DocsEnvAus @climatecouncil @healthy_climate @The_CIEH @PHAA_Eco @CroakeyNews

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