Children’s Environment and Health Local Government Policy Awards: 2018 Showcase Now Available

The 2018 Showcase of the Children’s Environment and Health Local Government Policy Awards is now available to download here. The Winners’ Showcase acknowledges and celebrates the Local Governments who have embraced and included children in their decision making processes and have provided supportive environments for children and young people. The Showcase presents the details of the strategies for the winning Local Government of each category and demonstrates the innovation within their policies to address the health and wellbeing of children. These positive outcomes of the Local Government strategies encourage other Local Governments to integrate children’s environment and health into their policies.

For more information about the project click here. If you are interested in being involved in 2019 please email

#MediaWatch2day: What should I say to someone who is hesitant about the potential COVID-19 vaccine? @ImmunisationAll @immunisationgap @AHPA_AU @_PHAA_

“Behind each statistic is a life cut off way too short, &often it could have been prevented if people had access to housing and the health and other support services they need”. Average age death is sombre 47 among homeless in Perth @UWAresearch @_PHAA_WA @homelesshc @PHAIWA

Talking all things trailer on today’s Zoom meeting- protocols, MOUs, contents & training. We will soon have 4 trailers with @Rotary kindly agreeing to fund one more! @LTrinnie @PHAIWA @IEHU_UniMelb @DrMelStoneham @scottmack80 @RobertMullane @Jo_AnneMorgan @CurtinMedia


An interesting summary of the impacts of banning alcohol during Covid-19 across the globe via @BBC_Worklife @PHAIWA @FAREAustralia @globalgapa @alcoholpolicyuk @AlcHealthwatch @Sammenez @MelissaSweetDr

Wongutha-Yamatji man Meyne Wyatt awarded the 2020 Archibald Packing Room Prize for his self-portrait. Congratulations to the first Indigenous winner! @VicHealth @SandroDemaio @HealthwayWA

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