The health of children is a key advocacy target for PHAIWA.

    Advocacy Targets

    1. Fund and implement the Early Years Strategy. The World Bank has identified this Strategy as the best investment for future prosperity involving health, education, welfare and community sectors working together to support parents in enhancing the physical, social and emotional development of children aged 0-5 years. WA is lagging behind all other states in implementing early year’s strategies.
    2. Fund and sustain high quality parenting programs in disadvantaged communities integrating support mechanisms such as childcare and ongoing follow up to enhance access to and success of these programs.
    3. Invest significantly in the expansion of the available, affordable, high quality and culturally appropriate day care for Aboriginal children to expand early learning opportunities.
    4. Commit additional funding for families with children with disabilities to supplement support, early intervention strategies and respite.
    5. Fund and implement a strategy to improve the quality and availability of locally based recreational facilities for children as part of a comprehensive approach to tackling childhood obesity.
    6. Develop and fund a strategy to address the impact of alcohol and illicit substance abuse on children, to reduce the rising rates of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and behavioural problems.

    PHAIWA’s child health focus revolves around environments that support good health for kids. PHAIWA coordinates a children’s environment and health report card project which awards local governments for their work in protecting the health and wellbeing of young people. Read more about this project by following this link.

    Child Health Resources

    Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth

    Australian Government Child Health Activities

    Early Childhood Australia

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