The Local Government Alcohol Management Project

Local Government Alcohol Management Guidelines

PHAIWA and WALGA are jointly managing this project. The project is revising and updating the existing Local Government Alcohol Management Guidelines to reflect changes in legislation, emerging literature, recent case studies and the removal of the planning component of the resource to better complement the new DAO Planners Guide. Consultation with key players including DAO, some of the more innovative Councils, Healthway and the WA Health Department will occur to identify their perspectives on the revision on the resource.

Workshops with local government officers primarily responsible for responsible alcohol management within the local government sector will be facilitated. The aim of these workshops will be gain feedback on areas that need revision within the resource, to access new strategies being trialled in the sector, to generate new case studies and to encourage engagement to ensure uptake of the new resource once completed. A minimum of two workshops will occur, within both a metropolitan and regional location.