PHAIWA Welcomes Alcohol Programs Team

PHAIWA is excited to announce the arrival of the Alcohol Programs Team. Previously known as the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth, the team has enjoyed 8 years of action on alcohol to date, and will be continuing that work at PHAIWA. The team has worked alongside PHAIWA at Curtin University since its establishment and is co-located at Technology Park, Bentley.

While this will mean a small change in branding and identity, overall it will be business as usual. The Alcohol Programs Team will continue to work to reduce the levels of drinking, harmful drinking and alcohol problems among the WA community by raising awareness of the levels of harmful drinking and harm from alcohol, the actions we know can be effective in preventing harm from alcohol and the need for action without delay. The team will also continue to work to stimulate community discussion and debate about alcohol issues.

The team: Danica Keric, Julia Stafford and Hannah Pierce

To find out more about the Alcohol Programs Team’s work, visit