WA Trachoma Storybook


WHO has a target to eliminate trachoma by 2020. Australia has made progress which has been evidenced by trachoma screening data. It is important that we showcase the often untold or less visible outcomes that occurred in communities to prevent or eliminate trachoma and to ensure the screening data continues to trend downwards.

The health promotion and environmental health components of Australia’s trachoma journey are not well told. The WHO SAFE Strategy advocates for facial cleanliness (F) and environmental health (E) strategies, together with surgery and antibiotics. This storybook will document how WA has embraced the F and E strategies to reduce trachoma in remote communities.

About the WA Trachoma Storybook

The Storybook will contain between 10-15 stories from around WA. These will be in full colour, include photographs and details of the storytellers to enable others to contact them should they be interested in seeking additional detail.

Stories can be about a program, a service or showcase an emerging leader in the area.

The stories will follow the established story framework which has been used in the 10 editions of the WA Indigenous Storybook.

All storytellers will have full editorial rights and a final say on what can or cannot be printed in the Storybook. All photos will gain consent.

Does your story fit the criteria?

If you know of a project, service or person that has been instrumental is preventing or reducing trachoma with a focus on either environmental health changes or hand and face washing, why not get in contact with us.

Mel Stoneham at m.stoneham@curtin.edu.au or
Sunni Wilson at sunni.wilson@curtin.edu.au

Where will the Storybook go?

Hard copies and online copies of the Storybooks will be available. These will be distributed to a range of organisations and educational institutions across Australia. The media will also be contacted to promote the Storybook to the wider population. The Storybook will be promoted on social media and be available on the PHAIWA website.

Every storyteller will receive their own copy of the Storybook. A launch of the Storybook will also be planned.