WA Indigenous Storybook 10th Edition Launch

The 10th Edition of the WA Indigenous Storybook was launched on Wednesday 5 June at the Albany Public Library by Mayor Dennis Wellington and Storytellers. The 10th Edition features stories from the South West / Great Southern region of WA.

You are able to download a copy of the Storybook here.

.@DanicaKeric & @Melinda_Edmunds are in Kununurra for the next two days running Advocacy training. We are looking forward to seeing the advocacy projects participants plan at the training!

#Mediawatch2day Nike has placed a new plus-sized mannequin inside its London store that has sparked online debate, with people's ideas of what it is to look healthy shaping their responses to the mannequin @ABChealthonline @OPCAustralia @Nike

Here's What Kids Eat Every Day Around The World https://t.co/yN4HtxR3rk via @guynamedgabe @PHAIWA @OPCAustralia @croakeyblog @Steph_Godrich

Federal Government under pressure to pull its weight on growing obesity epidemic https://t.co/TjiehB6d0W via @abcnews @PHAIWA

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