Priority Areas

PHAIWA will take its priorities from the priority areas identified by Healthway and our partner organisations. Priority issues have been identified based on the impact of the issue and the potential for prevention both long-term and on an ad hoc basis.

PHAIWA will initially focus primarily, albeit not exclusively, on obesity and alcohol. It will not seek to duplicate the work of organisations currently active, but will identify areas where advocacy is required and support organisations to strengthen work currently in train.

PHAIWA will place special emphasis on Indigenous health and supporting Indigenous public health advocates, whether as a specific issue or in the context of its broader activities.

As the PHAIWA evolves, a series of advocacy targets and action plans will be developed.

Our advocacy target areas include:

Alcohol and Tobacco

Child Health


Environment & Health

Indigenous Health

Industry Strategies and Tactics

Local Government


Public Health Expenditure

The PHAIWA also works closely with organisations working on tobacco control.