PHAIWA and our staff have regular contact with the media. Getting your issue heard is one of the cornerstones to good advocacy strategy.

    To read more about how to develop a press release or talk with the media, download a copy of the PHAIWA Advocacy in Action Toolkit 3rd Edition. To keep up to date with health issues being covered in local media, you can sign up to our free MediaWatch Service.

    PHAIWA also run media skills workshops throughout the year, if you are interested in attending a workshop, please see the Professional Development and Capacity Building page on this website.

    PHAIWA’s Top 10 Tips for Media Advocacy:

    1.    ‘Have a story’ to sell.

    2.    Have at least 3 strong points on the issue. Stick to them. Limit jargon and statistics

    3.    Identify key ‘sound bites’ that make your story interesting.

    4.    Be clean and  assertive about your story

    5.    Make it clear if it is a general release vs “exclusive”

    6.  Time it right

    7.    Ensure those quoted can be contacted

    8.    Think visual

    9.    Size does matter – keep it concise

    10.    Get to know your media but avoid pestering. Find out how the media like to receive information.

    A Guide to Using Social Media

    If you are keen to learn more about using social media, click here.

    A Guide to Using Twitter

    If you want some useful tips on using Twitter at your next health event, read this blog.