PHAIWA invites all eagle-eyed advocates to submit entries to the quarterly ‘Bin the Spin’.

    Have you seen unhealthy promotions that are …

    • Misleading?
    • Emphasise ‘health’ benefits of a clearly unhealthy product?
    • Positioned in an inappropriate manner? (e.g. where children walk past on their way to school or next to a newspaper article about chronic disease); or
    • For any other reason, strike you as ‘not right’?

    … then nominate them for the ‘Bin the Spin’!

    Nominations are welcome from any marketing medium. For example:

    • Newspaper or magazine ads
    • Billboards or other outdoor advertising
    • Product packaging
    • TV ads (where you can capture a graphic or a link from YouTube)
    • Supermarket or shopping centre displays
    • Online or new technologies.

    To nominate a “Bin the Spin”, send an email to with a picture, weblink or description of the offending promotion, where it was seen and why you think it’s an unhealthy promotion. We will then publish the submitted entries in a quarterly bulletin.

    If you have any questions, please contact Sunni Wilson at

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    Advertising and Promotions

    If you are concerned about unhealthy promotions and want to take action, the following websites provide information on the various advertising codes and complaints processes.

    Alcohol Advertsing Review Board (Alcohol-related advertising complaints)

    Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (Food labelling, safety, additives & GM food)

    Advertising Standards Bureau (Industry self-regulation of advertisements in TV, radio, cinema, print, internet & outdoor media – but not sports sponsorship)

    Therapeutic Goods Administration (Ensures safety, quality & efficacy of medicines & medical devices)

    Australian Communications Media Authority (Regulation of broadcasting, internet, radio and telecommunications)

    Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (Promotes competition & fair trade in the market place)

    Alcohol Policy Coalition

    Obesity Policy Coalition

    The Parents’ Voice