Alcohol is a major public health issue. Harmful alcohol consumption contributes to a concerning range of immediate and longer-term harms, both as a result of a person’s own drinking and the drinking of others. For example, alcohol plays a role in more than 200 different chronic health problems, including cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes, nutrition-related conditions, cirrhosis, and overweight and obesity.

The level of harm from alcohol in Australia – harm that is preventable – is cause for substantial concern and should be the focus of urgent action by governments at all levels. Strong community support exists for a range of policy initiatives to address harm from alcohol.


Advocacy Targets

PHAIWA has established action on alcohol as a priority. Addressing alcohol-related harm requires a comprehensive approach, including:

  • Reducing young people’s exposure to alcohol advertising and promotion
  • Addressing alcohol availability and access
  • Price controls and taxation
  • Well-funded, sustained and evidence-based public education
  • Compulsory school-based alcohol and other drug education
  • Enforcement of liquor laws
  • Measures to prevent drink driving
  • Support for research and appropriate services
  • Support for work with Indigenous organisations and communities

PHAIWA’s activities to address alcohol-related harm are led by the Alcohol Programs Team. Click here to visit the team’s website for more information about our activities and project

PHAIWA’s other projects and resources include:

  • Alcohol Management Guidelines PHAIWA, together with WALGA and MHC is developing the Alcohol Management Guidelines for Local Government.
  • Alcohol Sponsorship in Sport PHAIWA is calling for an end to alcohol sponsorship in sport, and for a removal of alcohol advertisements from sport telecasts. Read more about our work in this area here.


The Alcohol Programs Team

Julia Stafford

Research Fellow

Abbie-Clare Vidler

Project Officer

Hannah Pierce

Senior Research Officer

Danica Keric

Senior Research Officer