2019 AFL Sponsorship Ladder Released

The overwhelming majority of AFL clubs were sponsored by at least one company that promoted junk food, alcohol or gambling products during the 2019 AFL season, our review found that 17 of the 18 AFL clubs were sponsored by at least one ‘red’ sponsor, with six of the teams having unhealthy sponsors on their playing uniform. For the second year in a row, Richmond Football Club was the only AFL club that had zero ‘red’ or ‘amber’ sponsors.

The Adelaide Crows are at the bottom of the unhealthy Sponsorship Ladder. In 2017 they had 5 Red sponsors, 2018 they had 7, and in 2019 they have 8, with the number of clubs with an unhealthy sponsor on their uniform has increased from 5 in 2018, to 6 in 2019. Melbourne now featuring the Johnnie Walker logo on their shorts.

Unhealthy sponsorship in the form of junk foods, sugary drinks, alcohol and gambling are saturating our favourite winter sport. We categorised sponsors according to the healthiness or unhealthiest, allocated points and those clubs with the highest number of unhealthy sponsors were ranked at the bottom of the sponsorship ladder.