The very effective and collegial partnership between the Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA, Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation & the Environmental Health Directorate (WA Department of Health) has been awarded the PHAA(WA) Community Award for the “Getting Your Messages Out to Remote Communities” Program.

Getting Your Messages Out to Remote Communities  was a series of workshops targeting Aboriginal Environmental Health Workers (AEHWs) in Western Australia. It aimed to transfer a range of skills and strategies needed to deliver environmental and public health messages to community members and organisations in some of Australia’s most remote communities. The program was a joint initiative between Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation, which is based in Broome, and the Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA (PHAIWA). Each participants was mentored throughout the 18 month project to deliver on the ideas they generated at each of the workshops. A number of local projects eventuated as a result of the training sessions, including a project on smoking and children in Warburton, trachoma prevention for young adults in Kalumburu, and a number of car and community clean up sessions in various towns. The program is being recognised for their collaborative effort that had a wide reach and impact, particularly in remote WA communities, which face significant health challenges.