Today PHAIWA has released research that analysed the top 10 food companies in the Australian market by revenue to identify brand ownership. We mapped each of the 10 to clearly define the link between company and brand and developed a food web/map.

The completed map indicates the diverse influence each company has on the Australian market, with a number of companies producing a significant proportion of brands for a given food. This influence on the market also allows extensive CSR opportunities, with different brands within the same company being able to target different groups. As a number of these companies diversify in to products such as alcohol, their community outreach initiatives are questionable given the often young target demographic of these strategies.

The major findings of this research were:

  • Brand ownership per company ranges from four to seventy brands each, Nestle produces the most brands in the Australian market.
  • The majority of major food companies in Australia are foreign owned, with Murray Goulburn at present the only Australian owned and operated company. Given the milk producers current financial position, the company’s Australian ownership may soon change.
  • Of the 10 food companies on the list, three are also major alcohol producers. Coca-Cola Amatil, Lion and Asahi all produce a number of non-alcoholic beverages and food items, which they utilise for numerous sporting sponsorships.
  • The majority of products produced by these companies are discretionary in nature.

PHAIWA want Australians to be more aware of the connections between products they purchase and other companies, particularly when they may be unhealthy.

Below is a copy of the map. You can also see more information about Australia’s Top Ten Food Companies here.