Project Overview

PHAIWA undertook a qualitative research project in the first half of 2017, aiming to identify the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies in the unhealthful sponsorship of sports in Western Australia.

You can read the executive summary here: Understanding the Role of Corporate Social Responsibility Policies in the Unhealthful Sponsorship of WA Sports (002)

AFL Sponsorship Ladder

PHAIWA has completed a review of AFL sponsors highlighting those teams who have the least healthy sponsors. You can see how each team ranks on the 2017 AFL Sponsorship Ladder.













Read media below regarding our recent research on unhealthy sports sponsorship of WA sporting teams.

Sports Business Daily

Nearly half of Western Australia Teams Have at Least One ‘Unhealthy’ Sponsor.

Sydney Morning Herald

Nearly half of WA sporting teams have at least one unhealthy sponsor.

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