• Lobbying Politicians
    Do you feel strongly about public health issues in Western Australia? You can voice your opinion on an issue by getting in touch with politicians in federal, state or local government. An effective way to advocacte for change is to write a letter or email regarding a public health issue that you feel strongly about and sending it to someone who can make a difference.

    Writing an email or letter:
    To find the contact details of your representatives, go to the “Your Representatives” or the “Relevant Ministers” pages on this website. For examples of how to write a letter or email to a Member of Parliament, follow this link.

    Hints and Tips:
    • Check your facts on the issue before writing a letter
    • Get the timing right
    • Address the Member of Parliament correctly (for more hints see below)
    • Be passionate, persistent and courteous
    • Make sure your message is clear

    How to address politicians:
    To check that you have addressed the representative correctly, follow this link to the WA Parliament website. For more information about contacting Federal politicians and how to address Senators and Federal Members, follow this link to the Parliament of Australia website.
    For more hints and examples, go to the PHAIWA advocacy toolkit page.