Environment & Health Forum Recommendations

On 31 March 2009 over 100 public health and environment professionals met to develop a list of recommendations for State and National Governments in relation to environment and health (E&H).


Six key themes were discussed:

Active Image Indigenous environmental health
Active Image Children's environment and health
Active Image Linking sustainable development and human health: where next?
Active Image Quantifying environment and health risks
Active Image Identifying the environment and health research agenda
Active Image The interface between regulation and action in health and environment
Each theme developed specific recommendations; however some were reflected across multiple areas. These included the need: 
Active Image

For long term sustainable funding and to investigate alternative resource allocation models that are more appropriate to E&H issues.

Active Image To clarify the opportunities and potential actions of local government in E&H and empower local government to address E&H issues locally.
Active Image To enhance and support workforce development - with an emphasis on supporting Indigenous Environmental Health Workers - through effective training and mentoring.
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