• Advocacy Toolkit

    Toolkit – 3rd Edition

    Advocacy in Action: A toolkit for Public Health Professionals (3rd Edition)

    The toolkit is a practical resource that supports and encourages health professionals and interested organisations to engage in advocacy. The Advocacy in Action toolkit:

    • Demystifies advocacy,
    • Includes examples and case studies demonstrating how advocacy strategies can be applied across different issues,
    • Offers tips to effectively work with the media, and
    • Provides practical tools to help you and your organisation advocate on your issue.

    The third edition of the Advocacy in Action toolkit, released in 2013, features more examples and case studies, a comprehensive guide to evaluation, and more tips on working with the media. This is available to download in PDF format from the link below.

    Advocacy from within
    A short factsheet about internal advocacy was also developed by PHAIWA to provide advice on advocating for change within an organisation. The factsheet is available from this link.

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    PHAIWA Advocacy in Action 3rd Edition