Young women pregnant women or those planning a pregnancy need your help – now!

On the 24 November the Australian and New Zealand Ministers with responsibility for food regulation, known as the Forum on Food Regulation (the Forum), will be considering alcohol pregnancy warning labels. These are the ‘sometimes’ labels you may or may not have seen on alcohol bottles.

The discreet warning labels, already appearing on bottles and cans, read, “Kids and alcohol don’t mix”, Is your drinking harming yourself or others?” and “It is safest not to drink while pregnant”.








PHAIWA is suggesting that the alcohol industry has introduced the warning labels in an attempt to head off the possibility of stricter labeling requirements from the government. We think that the size of the label is in no way proportionate to the size of the problem that alcohol.

We strongly encourage you to write to the Minister for Health, and your local Minister so that there is overwhelming support for the mandatory labelling. This support is needed because the alcohol industry is lobbying hard for ‘no labelling’.

A list of Ministers can be found here.

The Telethon Kids Institute has developed a preform letter for you to use. Please email for a copy of the template. You are encouraged to:

  • use this template as a guide but not copy it directly
  • refer to the article as evidence
  • use either your work position or your personal consumer voice – it is up to you

Thank you for taking the time in your busy schedules to contribute to this important advocacy activity.