In 2008 the PHAIWA organised an Obesity Forum attended by approximately 140 professionals from public health and related areas to discuss the development of agreed priority areas for advocacy on obesity in WA.  To progress the outcomes we recently convened a workshop with a smaller group of experts from organisations with which we work to distil these down further. The result of the workshop was agreement on 12 Advocacy Targets for Overweight and Obesity. 

The intention of the Overweight and Obesity targets is to build on the work of many people and groups in this area rather than constraining people or organisations from doing what they would otherwise do. It is recognised that reducing obesity in the community requires a comprehensive approach. 

It should be noted that the targets are not listed in priority order.  Some targets are likely to be more achievable than others and some relate primarily to public policy change not necessarily professional or personal activities of health professionals.  Inevitably, some are more amenable to action at the national than the local level. Nonetheless, despite these caveats we are conscious from other areas of public health advocacy of the importance of consensus.

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